Muddy Fork keeps growing

by | 3 July 2021 | Health, Local Charity, Retford

Local gardeners will have shared the relief felt by the Muddy Fork team when after an interminably cold, wet, May, the sun came out at last! Muddy Fork, Retford’s ‘Gardening for Wellbeing’ charity based at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Idle Valley Nature Reserve, is now well on the way to filling all the raised beds in the garden, and has expanded into the adjacent field, previously used only as the tree nursery.
The installation of the new rabbit-proof fence (paid for by the Lottery COVID-19 fund grant) round the entire site has supported this development, though work still remains to be done on gates, and other structural improvements are ongoing. Keeping the rabbits out is a good start, and the slug count is down so far this year, though they are left in no doubt that this is a nature reserve – the grass snakes are back and the families of geese wonder what they are doing on their territory! The wildflowers alongside the stream are also looking quite spectacular just now.
Potatoes, sweetcorn and brussels sprouts are amongst the crops in the new beds, while in the garden they have beans, courgettes, onions, leeks, garlic and much more. The first of the tomatoes have just gone outside and many more are on their way, indoors and out. Herbs are doing well and sales on a small scale are already taking off even this early in the season, and building on the newly established link with the Welbeck Farm Shop.
New referrals continue to come in as restrictions ease, but they have space for more and would welcome enquiries about their sessions three times a week and also about their new Tuesday afternoon bike project, The Wellbeing Cycle, run in partnership with Retford’s Bike Pedlars.
Muddy Fork continue to value the support they receive from the local community and they hope that they shall have a productive growing season, enabling them to offer you a range of healthy produce in due course.
More information can be found on the Muddy Fork website,, or you can email or leave a message on 01777 567005.