Muddy Fork

by | 13 July 2023 | Local Charity, Retford, Support Group

Muddy Fork, Retford’s Gardening for Wellbeing charity, has started to wonder if it’s summer yet. Yes, there were some warm sunny days which encouraged everything to grow, especially the weeds. But then it was cold and grey again for ages. With a heatwave now forecast we can only wait and see.

Rose Thorpe is settling in nicely and she and the rest of the team are undeterred by the weather. Cheered by signs of life on the growing front and the family of Canada geese who have taken up residence in the garden, everyone is working hard to make the most of the growing season. Garden improvements continue, the polytunnels are full of seedtrays and planting outside is under way.

Full advantage has been taken of donations of plants and seeds (sunflower seeds the most recent), which will bring many benefits. A wildflower meadow has been seeded, so fingers crossed on that one, and the bank has been planted up, making the environment much more colourful and attractive.

Muddy Fork is delighted to have been nominated for Crags Radio Community Stars Charity of the Year award. This will help spread the word about Muddy Fork’s activities and the mental health benefits of working out of doors in the natural environment.

Muddy Fork is pleased to hear from anyone who might like to know more. Referrals from agencies or self-referrals are always welcome and work can always be found for additional volunteers! For more information visit or email