Message in a Bottle – a story of Fred and Joe

by | 13 October 2023 | Lions, Retford

“Hi Joe, have you got your bottle yet?”
“Oh hi Fred, what bottle is that then?”
“It’s that bottle that might save your life.”
“What’s in the bottle then?  Some sort of magic medicine?”
“No, it’s a small plastic bottle holding some information.”
“Is that some sort of electronic gadget needing batteries then?”
“Absolutely not – you just need to read and write.”
“So… how’s that going to save my life, Fred?”
“OK Joe, let me explain. If you have an accident or become really ill, or if you have a house fire, or if your house becomes flooded… I mean, let’s hope you don’t, but these things do happen… Well, you may need help to get to safety or treatment.
“This bottle will contain personal information like essential medication you have written in a simple questionnaire and help anybody (ambulance, fire, police etc) to look after you and give you the best treatment. The service people know about the bottles and will look for them.”
“Sounds good. Is it expensive?”
“Joe, it’s absolutely free.”
“Right Fred, I’m in; where do I get one?”
“From Retford Lions, or any Lions Club. They can also be picked up from many obvious places in the community.”
“Hey Fred, I’ve just thought, how will the ambulance know I’ve got a bottle and where to find it?”
“Each bottle has a couple of small stickers Joe, one of which should be stuck on your front door. It’s recommended that the bottle is put in your fridge – that’s where they’ll start looking.”
“Thanks Fred. I’ll get myself off to the Lions then. See you soon!”

When you hear the expression ‘message in a bottle’ it conjures up thoughts of mysterious bottles being found on beaches far away from their origin. Lions have adopted the term in a scheme to help with the quick diagnosis of an unconscious patient.

Message in a Bottle – another free community service from Retford Lions. The Club are currently relaunching the distribution of these bottles and will be advertising collection points.

Lions held a very successful Race Night at Clarborough Village Hall on 9th September, raising money for good causes and providing a fun evening for all. No horses were harmed on the evening; the only casualties were a few depleted wallets.