Local author pens new children’s book

by | 13 February 2018 | Notice, Retford, Rotherham

Local author Lindsey Vernon-Lilley has successfully turned her passion for writing children’s stories into reality by landing herself a US publishing contract and releasing her first book.

The Fairy Teller tells the story of Princess Isabella and her life-long friend Evelyn, who unexpectedly embark on an adventure that leads them to discover the true story behind the name of their village, a wonderful kingdom called Fairyland. A hidden world of beautiful, powerful fairies is revealed to them; and along with their new friend Sam, the children meet the kind creator of Fairyland, King Amos.

Known by many as ‘The Fairy Teller’, King Amos shows Princess Isabella that she is no ordinary girl, but is in fact a fairy with magical powers. As Isabella, Evelyn, and Sam spend time exploring Fairyland and learning of the fairy powers they each possess, the children soon discover the king has very little time to live, as Fairyland’s evil witch has stolen the magic potion that keeps his power strong. Together, they bravely face the challenge of finding the magic potion to save King Amos — but will they be able to save him in time?

Lindsey was born and raised in Doncaster, and she has been a creative writer for many years. Her love of reading children’s books has spurred a powerful imagination that fuels her creativity and a desire to tell colourful tales. She currently works as a teaching assistant and looks after her two children. The Fairy Teller is now available on Amazon.