Last play of the season at Retford Little Theatre

by | 11 May 2018 | Performing Arts, Retford

Entertaining Retford since 1941, the Little Theatre brings its 77th season of plays to a close with The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, the well-known play by Jim Cartwright which was made into the perhaps even more well-known film starring Jane Horrocks and Michael Caine.

Nicknamed Little Voice because of her shy, reclusive nature, Laura spends her time listening to the record collection of her late father. She is flung even further into her metaphorical darkness by the loud, brash and far from sympathetic behaviour of her mother Mari.

When Mari dates Ray, a small time club agent, she thinks it’s her last chance for a better life. All Ray can hear are Laura’s uncanny impersonations of the singers she is listening to, and he sees her as his ticket to the big time as he tries his best to persuade her to bring her vocal impressions to the public microphone of a local night club.

By turns hilariously funny and desperately sad, we see aspirations dashed and ambitions achieved as Little Voice finally finds a voice of her own. She also finds a relationship with Billy, a young man on a cherry picker, founded on meetings through her bedroom window.

Will Little Voice become a big voice on the public stage? Will her mother be proud of her daughter at last? Will Mari find the love she so desperately craves? Will Billy become the light of Laura’s life?

Show dates are 18th to 25th May at 7.30pm. Tickets are on sale from 14th May on 01777 702002 (from 6.00pm to 8.00pm) or email