Inner Wheel Club of Retford May 2021

by | 5 May 2021 | Inner Wheel, Retford, Social Group

The Inner Wheel Club of Retford had a Zoom meeting in March, when their District Chairman, Margaret, gave a presentation about her background and her plans for the district once life moves forward more freely. They have now had a full year of keeping in touch by an emailed weekly bulletin in the club.
The International Inner Wheel World President is Dr Bina Vayas, from India where, had things been different, a worldwide convention would have been held at this time. Her theme is ‘Lead the Change!’. In the last 96 years, the world has changed greatly. As the voluntary organisation prepares to move towards its centenary, she reminds members that, in order to grow and develop, they need to change. While the basic principles and ideology remain the same, Inner Wheel need to lead change in how they approach goals, keep pace with changing methods in technology and the humanitarian needs of now.
It is always amazing to read the variation of activities around the world carried out by like-minded women who, just as the club in Retford, work in their own small way to be of help! They are volunteers and they have chosen to join for different reasons, but regardless of their motivation, what unites them is that they find the challenges rewarding. If their efforts help bring a bit of happiness, so much the better.
Recently, an asteroid, orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, has been dedicated to Inner Wheel founder Margarette Golding. Its inauspicious name is 8418- Golding. In astrology, people associated with harmonious Mars and Jupiter are said to be adventurous, energetic, outspoken, resourceful and pioneering… many traits attributed to their founder and, hopefully, future members of Inner Wheel.
The Retford club hope to enjoy an outdoor walk at Idle Valley in May. They are always very happy to welcome new members, so please get in touch if you are interested via