As she completed her time in office, Inner Wheel Association President Enid Law expressed her thanks and gratitude to all Inner Wheel clubs for their amazing support through these difficult and unusual times. She was delighted that she was able to Zoom around so many clubs and attend their special events. As she said in her farewell letter, she was deeply impressed by the friendship and service given. Rallies were attended, candles were lit, cakes were cut, glasses were raised and even hats were worn at times, all to express loyalty to the object of their association’s existence. There were services too, sad moments and losses, but the spirit which guides the members was alive and driving them on.
Every three years Inner Wheel supports a charity for that period. They have just completed three years of supporting Period Poverty. In this day and age, it is hard to realise that even in our own country and locality, there has been a great need to support girls in schools, both primary and secondary, so that their education is not interrupted by absence during menstruation. In Zambia and Malawi, Inner Wheel was instrumental in providing washable items for girls to attend school. They taught them how to make the pads and this has been copied elsewhere. Even women prisoners benefitted there in the same way. As this project ends, the results are great to see and work will continue in Africa. Local councils also recognise the need here at home and much progress has been made.
The Association now begins a new three year social support project under the umbrella theme of Strong Women, Stronger World. The issues of mental health are becoming more recognised, some highlighted by our situation over the last 18 months. However, finally, we are realising that mental health is as important as physical health and healing is needed. As a result, Inner Wheel has chosen Mind, the charity which supports mental illness, as the focus of their attention until 2024.
Locally, the Inner Wheel Club of Retford had to postpone a planned Afternoon Tea due to the extended restrictions but soon they will be together again, working enthusiastically. This year they have raised almost £3,000 in Retford despite the circumstances and they have given out £2,800 to charities. Join them! Find out by contacting them at