Gainsborough Snappers

by | 7 June 2023 | Hobbies, Retford

April’s meetings of Gainsborough Snappers continued to be popular and they provided an opportunity to review challenges set throughout the year, which had been pending due to other commitments.
Each member is encouraged to bring one or two examples of their interpretation of the challenge, either as a print or a digital image.

The initial challenge was ‘A Worm’s Eye View’, which sparked the members’ interest. They displayed creativity by capturing shots close to home, featuring looming wellie boots and garden forks that would make worms tremble. Some even included real worms, employing cut and paste techniques to reduce the impact on the worm. Members embraced humour in their submissions.

Next came ‘A Bird’s Eye View’, requiring a higher vantage point. One member achieved an authentic bird’s-eye perspective through a fortuitous balloon flight, while another cleverly used a popular brand of peas. This challenge proved to be more demanding, but participants showcased their ingenuity.

The final challenge was ‘Something with a Strong Diagonal’. A visit to the Bomber Command Memorial in Lincoln inspired a small group to capture upward shots. A groyne on a beach served as another suitable subject, and a striking young stem of rhubarb could equally have fit the ‘Worm’s Eye’ category.

Welcoming a new member to share his work for the first time was particularly gratifying. The club is very welcoming, allowing newcomers to mingle during the social break.

In May, the club organised its first tabletop session of the year, enabling members to engage in hands-on photography. Participants were asked to bring a small display for photographing on a tabletop.

Informal backdrops and lighting equipment were available, with tripods strongly recommended to ensure sharp focus and avoid camera shake. Paul Lancaster and Gerry Kemp added a unique element by setting up a water tank and assisting members in capturing the effects of dropped items.

The next meeting will take place on Friday 2nd June. For more information, please visit Visitors and potential members are always welcome, but it’s advisable to check the website in case of any ongoing trips.

Image: Pat Oaks