Gainsborough Snappers

by | 11 April 2024 | Hobbies, Retford

The March meeting of Gainsborough Snappers was dedicated to another of their popular tabletop practical sessions. Members bring items to photograph or come with equipment to try to realise examples gleaned from the internet. Everyone has an opportunity to photograph whatever appeals to them.

These sessions are an excellent opportunity for those with less experience to talk to those with more and to learn how to tackle different subjects. It is good to see that some who have learned many of their skills at the club are now passing on what they have learned to newer members.

The set ups at this meeting included an impressive framework to deliver a measured water drop into a glass of water. By contrast, four forks arranged standing up against the backdrop and lit to give sharp shadows required nothing anyone would not have at home. Someone had brought an attractive display of tomatoes, and it was commendable that they were all still there at the end of the meeting!

Someone had found online an idea involving spraying wire wool with a fine mist of water, before capturing shots of the tiny droplets on the wire against a colourful backdrop. This one was not as easy as it seemed, but the results were very interesting when they worked.

Some members had brought various still life set ups with mirrors and a selection of backdrops while others were working on trying to get images for the current challenge – to photograph a reflection, thinking outside of the box.

The 5th April meeting will be devoted to viewing members’ images and hearing their commentaries. This will include the reflections challenge results and shots from the tabletop session. It should be an interesting opportunity to see and discuss how people tackled the different subjects and how imaginative they had been in capturing reflections. Any new members or guests who would like to go along would be very welcome.

There is no membership fee for the club – just go along and pay your attendance fee. If you like what you see, you can provide your email address to be included on the club circulation and be kept up to date with any news or events. Visitors are welcome at any time.

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