Fundraising for Borneo Expedition

by | 19 November 2023 | Notice, Retford

While others are embarking on driving lessons to achieve a sense of freedom, 17-year-old Retford A-Level student Cameron will be heading off on a different kind of adventure next year.

Planned for July, Cameron has signed up to a four-week Camps International expedition to Borneo. There, he and the rest of the Queen Elizabeth’s High School (QEHS) team will get involved in activities to help safeguard this wildlife paradise for future generations by helping to tackle deforestation.

The group will learn about orangutan conservation and work hand-in-hand with Bornean communities on projects that will help improve local lives. They will also experience the magic of scuba diving at the end of what will be a physically and mentally challenging month.

All expedition students are encouraged to fundraise the cost of the trip, teaching them important life skills such as money management, problem solving and event planning. In Cameron’s case this is a whopping £4,580.

Fundraising efforts have so far included a collection box at the Staples Dance Academy show, The MOB 30th Concert and during Ladies in Retirement at Retford Little Theatre. Now he wants to do litter picking and plans to walk the Chesterfield Canal, in silence… which will be a real challenge for Cameron. And as a last resort next spring, he is planning a head shave, unless he raises enough in donations to stop him having to do so. When you see his hair, you will appreciate the enormity of this risky decision!

And here is where this wonderful community comes in. If every Retford Life reader were to donate just £1.00, that would ensure he reaches his target, and keeps his hair. This really is a fantastic opportunity to make a lasting impact on the environment and a young person’s life.

To donate to the HeadDon’tShave, or to find out more about his litter picking offer, please email: