Flix in the Stix

by | 11 September 2019 | Gainsborough, Notice, Retford

Lincoln-based initiative Flix in the Stix is looking for villages to add to their rural touring cinema service and currently has a subsidised rate available. They can bring the big screen experience to your doorstep. Running for close to four years, Flix in the Stix has been taking a large pop-up screen, HD projector and sound system to villages in and around Lincolnshire. Run by not-for-profit organisation Blueprint: Film Foundation, Flix in the Stix provides a regular social event to remote rural areas, where access to similar services is limited due to poor transport connections and where sometimes, accessible group activities are thin on the ground.

The villages currently visited by the service, which include Ingham, Laneham and Spilsby, are full of praise for Flix in the Stix. Eunice Woodfield, an audience member from Laneham, said: “It’s a wonderful thing they are doing here… and we thoroughly enjoy it.” Di Fisher said: “It’s really livened up the village.” Laneham Memorial Hall’s Vice Chair Daniel Griffin said: “It helps people access the kind of facilities you might find in bigger towns or cities”.

Visiting participating villages on a monthly basis, Flix in the Stix screens a variety of the latest crowd pleasers and blockbusters, as well as classic films once in a while. Titles are chosen by the village hall committees from a shortlist compiled by Flix in the Stix. film licenses, technicians, equipment hire and marketing materials are all provided, ready for the village hall committee to run front of house on the night.

There’s an interval in the middle of each screening to allow for comfort breaks, socialising and a chance for village halls to raise funds by selling refreshments. The halls also take any money from ticket sales, which are usually a very reasonable £4.00 per person but can be set by the village hall committee if desired.

Flix in the Stix would love to bring their pop-up cinema to further villages, so are offering a new special rate, which is partially subsidised to make it more affordable to small charitable village hall committees. Visit their website for more information — www.flixinthestix.co.uk. You can also watch the new promotional video at www.vimeo.com/346185702, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/flixinthestixlincolnshire.