Environmental Enforcement Pilot – Public Consultation

by | 8 July 2021 | Notice, Retford

Bassetlaw residents and businesses are being asked if they would like to continue to see Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) of £100 issued to people who do not pick up after their dog and who drop litter on our streets.
Over the last 10 months, Bassetlaw District Council has been working in partnership with District Enforcement, a company that specialises in environmental enforcement, on a pilot project that takes a firmer approach to environmental crimes.
As part of this pilot, Enforcement Officers have been patrolling communities across the district, issuing Fixed Penalty Notices of £100 should they witness people littering or failing to clean up after their dog.
The Council is now asking Bassetlaw residents and businesses to give them their views as part of a six-week consultation. These responses will help to inform a decision on whether to continue to provide Enforcement Officers with legal powers that allows them to issue FPNs on behalf of the Council.
You can take part in the consultation by visiting www.bassetlaw.gov.uk/enforcement-consultation before Sunday 11th July. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and will help to shape the future of this service.
District Enforcement currently has powers to issue Fixed Penalty Notices of £100 for littering and dog fouling. Should the FPN not be paid, the offender could face prosecution and a potential fine of up to £2,500.
To date, District Enforcement has issued more than 3,000 fixed penalty notices for littering and 65 for dog fouling.
You can find more information about District Enforcement and the Council’s policy of issuing Fixed Penalty Notices by visiting www.bassetlaw.gov.uk/enforcement-consultation.