East Markham WI

by | 9 April 2024 | Retford, Social Group, WI

The February meeting of East Markham WI started with WI business, and was then followed by ‘Taste the Difference – which do you prefer?’. Members blind-tasted two plates (labelled A and B) of four food items, one plate from a budget supermarket and one from a top of the range store. The foods tasted were ready salted crisps, cheese straws, chocolate digestives and mini flapjacks. Time was given for each food to be tasted, discussed and choices noted. Drinks were available throughout the evening as members made their choices.

When all had been tasted a show of hands for each plate was taken. The results were:

  • Ready Salted Crisps
    Plate A: 17
    Plate B: 11
  • Cheese Straws
    Plate A: 10
    Plate B: 19
  • Chocolate Digestives
    Plate A: 14
    Plate B: 12
  • Mini Flapjacks
    Plate A: 5
    Plate B: 23

There were some surprises when the individual results were revealed, with budget supermarkets being the preferred choice for two of the items. So which way around was it? Plate A was Aldi / Lidl, and Plate B was Waitrose.

‘Do you recognise your committee members?’ was the question as members examined baby photos of committee members and read odd facts about them. Both caused much comment with most guessing the correct person from the photos.

The odd facts were more of a puzzle with no correct answers and there was surprise and laughter when it was revealed who had been ‘a Coal Queen’, ‘a Majorette’, and ‘a Bookie’s Runner’, amongst other facts.
This fun evening ended with the raffle being drawn and Val giving a vote of thanks to the Committee for organising the evening.

In March members celebrated 75 years of the WI in East Markham with a Birthday Dinner. The evening had a 1940 / 50s theme and members were invited to dress appropriately with a small prize for the best dressed.

A welcome drink was served on arrival followed by a carvery meal and a selection of desserts. The evening’s entertainment was provided by Miss Sarah Jane, a 1940s’ vocalist.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 16th April, when memberships are renewed and a new programme year starts with ‘From The 50s, 60s and 70s’ by Clive Rudd.

Women visitors and new members are welcome to normal monthly meetings. For more information contact the Secretary on 07971 291883 or Membership on 01777 871567.