East Markham WI

by | 8 June 2021 | Retford, Social Group, WI

As they edge closer to a possible restart of face-to-face meetings later this year, East Markham WI are continuing their monthly Zoom get togethers.
In April they welcomed Rachel Barrowcliffe to initiate them into the art of colourful and successful container gardening. Rachel’s excellent and beautifully illustrated talk covered, types and shapes of container and how to display them, different composts and the importance of feeding it. Vegetable gardening is also possible in containers and Rachel outlined a number of suitable varieties for tomatoes, peas, beans and peppers. Who would have thought of growing tomatoes and strawberries in hanging baskets? Pest control is important if pots are to be maintained at their best and they were also advised on methods to do this. President Jenny gave a vote of thanks.
Risk assessments are currently necessary for a WI arranged meeting. The Village Hall has advised that it will reopen in July and that all groups using the hall will be invited to a meeting in June to inform them of the facilities available and the regulations for their use. So, East Markham WI are hopeful that July will see a return to face-to-face meetings in some form. If you are interested in joining them please email

or call 01777 871567.