Come on in to Fairtrade in Bassetlaw

by | 7 February 2018 | Notice, Retford, Worksop

How can we promote this theme in this year of potentially many changes around the world?  Marcial Quintero, a banana producer in the Coobana Fairtrade Cooperative in Panama — “Before joining Fairtrade we didn’t see any benefits, development or profit. The price we received per box wasn’t enough to cover our costs — and for 17 years it didn’t change. Since ‘coming in’ to Fairtrade, it’s made a mega-revolution in our lives.”

So, we know when we purchase Fairtrade bananas or any of the more than 4,000 other Fairtrade products now available, the price you pay is fair to the producer.

‘Come on in’ gives us an opportunity to choose, share and shout about Fairtrade in the UK and to give power to producers like Marcial to break the stranglehold of poverty prices. You can highlight this in Bassetlaw by:

  • setting up Fairtrade breakfasts, afternoon teas etc.
  • making sure Fairtrade products are offered at your workplace or business.
  • having a tasting to try new Fairtrade products
  • organising a Fairtrade shopping event
  • involving communities, your neighbours, schools, churches, and…

There are resources and presentation slides, to order to help with your ‘Come on in’ events on the Fairtrade Foundation website,

The ‘Come on in’ theme can also help us look at employment here in the UK and the need to get post-Brexit deals which uphold workers’ rights but also are fair to producers. Post-Brexit trade deals will need to ensure that the benefits of Fairtrade can continue to be enjoyed by producers and that workers’ rights are not eroded. The Fairtrade Foundation is monitoring developments in this field and asking its supporters to help raise awareness of the issues.

There’s never been a more important time to stand with producers through Fairtrade — to protect the progress you’ve achieved alongside them, and to welcome more people — supporters, producers, businesses — into Fairtrade. Let the local Fairtrade for Bassetlaw campaign know activities you have planned or acted on — by posting on their Facebook page,, or leave a message on their website,