Clays Horticultural Society

by | 13 November 2023 | Gardening Club, Hobbies, Retford

After Clays Horticultural Society’s summer break, members reconnected in September ready to enjoy a varied winter programme.

Doug Stewart made a welcome return to the club with his subject ‘Gardening for Tired Joints’. In his own inimitable and amusing way, he gave many hints on how to ease gardening burdens.

His favourite one was: when cutting everything back after summer flowering was to just ‘chop and drop’! This is much better for wildlife – more and cleaner habitat. Cut shrubs etc into six-inch lengths and just drop. Much easier on the back!

Change your lawn priorities – posh and stripey at the front, rewilding at the back. The wildflowers will return.

As a result of Covid, it is estimated that three million extra people took up gardening of some kind; Doug called it a ‘green gym’! Stress levels were reduced considerably.

Encourage a natural look, grow perennials instead of putting in bedding plants twice a year. Wildlife doesn’t like disturbance.

To help the back, Doug suggested using raised beds, install handrails and consider growing herbs and flowers vertically up walls and fences, with the aid of tiered containers and wires.

In November the Society is holding a 20th anniversary dinner. Members are reminded to book if they wish to go – it is almost sold-out! Any enquiries, contact Christine Crowther on 01427 884882.