Clays Horticultural Society

by | 2 June 2023 | Community Event, Gardening Club, Hobbies, Retford

At the April meeting of Clays Horticultural Society, Ray Creek gave members tips on caring for orchids.

Many of us seem to have acquired a taste for these decorative houseplants with their beautiful and varied hues, but it can be difficult keeping them healthy and continuously flowering.

Ray explained that orchids are epiphytes and, as such, are used to growing on the trunks of trees and not in soil. Thus, when watering we must fill the pot with water so that all the roots get thoroughly wet. Let it drain out before returning it to the outside container. Use tepid tap water, it is fine. Feed with nitrogen / potash in equal quantities, diluted, every four to six weeks!

Orchids love light, especially needed in our drab winters but keep out of direct sun in summer. Flowers tend to drop off if they do not have enough light! There is no need to re-pot; just use a heavier container if it’s falling over.

If a plant has been neglected and developed many dead roots, trim these off and replant using a small pot and keep it well drained, See-through pots are useful for observing whether roots are healthy. Wash the pot if using the same pot and plant it in coconut husk. Use only enough soil to keep the plant upright.

June brings the Society’s Open Garden Weekend plus village scarecrow competition! Please go along to Wheatley and Sturton, on Sunday 4th June from 10.30am to 5.00pm, when gardens of all shapes and sizes will be on display to give you inspiration and encouragement for your own plot! Refreshments will be on sale at Woodland Farm, Sturton Road.

Scarecrows will be independently judged on the Friday / Saturday and there will be a prize for the best!

If you wish to enter your scarecrow or show your garden, please phone Alan Ryder on 07961 842287.