Clarborough and District WI

by | 4 April 2022 | Group meeting, Heritage, Hobbies, Local Charity, Retford, Social Group, WI

In their February meeting, speaker Chris Hewis spoke to Clarborough and District WI about wedding customs. It was surprising to learn that originally wedding dresses were traditionally blue, which led to the wearing of a blue garter.

Honeymoons lasted a month in medieval times – could we afford it today? That wedding rings originated with the Romans was another fact the group discovered. Chris also gave a short explanation of some well-known nursery rhymes.

In March Richard Godley told the WI about the World War II Land Army girls, and then on 11th April it will be the group’s General Meeting followed by cheese and wine.

If you are interested, please join in – visitors are always welcome. Meetings are held at Clarborough Village Hall at 7.30pm.