‘Choosing the World We Want’ at Fairtrade Fortnight

by | 19 May 2022 | Children's Group, Retford

For Fairtrade Fortnight, 22nd February to 6th March, the aim was to help spread the word that choosing Fairtrade means choosing justice for those living with the worst effects of the climate crisis. How did you ‘Choose the World You Want’ this Fairtrade Fortnight?

You can find Fairtrade products that suit your needs and tastes. Buying Fairtrade products year-round helps to support growers and farmers worldwide who also have many concerns about climate change. Locally, your Co-op store stocks a good range of Fairtrade products. Or look out for the Fairtrade logo wherever you shop.

In Retford, St Joseph’s school topped the list of support for Fairtrade Fortnight 2022. The Mini Vinnies, who meet regularly for fun and education supported by Trish Clarke, had an education session to learn more about Fairtrade and how they can support it. They translated this session into an open afternoon after school where parents and friends came to enjoy delicious Fairtrade hot chocolate, with funds raised going to the Fairtrade Foundation. Young people from the school supported a stall selling Fairtrade products that Traidcraft offers. Family support was inspiring and £50.00 was raised to support Traidcraft.

The Retford u3a followed this up by hosting a Traidcraft-Fairtrade stall at their regular monthly meeting. Members were really interested in the range of Fairtrade and climate-friendly products available and contributed to £90.00 of Traidcraft sales. A highlight was those who found shampoo bars on the stall which supported their wish to use less plastic. This showed their desire to choose the world they wanted.

You can buy Fairtrade products from www.traidcraftshop.co.uk or Kathy Cowbrough, a local Fairtrader, sells Traidcraft products. You can order through Kathy by emailing Kathy.Cowbrough@gmail.com. Buying and using Fairtrade products is an easy way to support Fairtrade and do your bit to reduce climate change all year round.