Charter Trustees of East Retford: New Mayor Elected…

by | 15 July 2023 | Notice, Retford

There are two key functions of the Charter Trustees: the first of these is to oversee the election and promotion of the office of Town Mayor; the second is to ensure that the Town Plate is safely stored and protected. Both functions come to the fore once a year at the Annual General Meeting, where the Mace and Mayoral chains are displayed as part of the Mayor Making Ceremony. As usual, this year’s event took place in the Ballroom of Retford Town Hall and the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor were duly elected.

The Trustees elected Councillor Dan Henderson into the office of Mayor, proposed by Councillor Malachi Carroll, who noted that Dan was a lifelong resident of the town, and would make an excellent representative, ’servant’ and first citizen of the town. In accepting his nomination, the Mayor said: “I am deeply honoured to have been elected… It is a tremendous privilege to become Mayor of my hometown and I will endeavour to serve our town to the best of my ability.” He thanked the guests for their attendance and looked forward to working closely with local charities and community groups. The new Mayor also thanked the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Sue Shaw. “I know how deeply committed she is to public service and her work has been pivotal in re-establishing the role of Mayor following the Covid-19 pandemic.”

He promised to fulfil his role as ambassador for the town and to promote Retford as a great place to live and work. The new Mayor also proposed that Ben Clayton, Rector at St Saviour’s Church should become the Mayor’s Chaplain, a nomination the Rector accepted, in a speech outlining how he saw the role, supporting the Mayor over the coming twelve months.

Councillor David Naylor was then elected as Deputy Mayor to serve alongside the new Mayor. In his acceptance speech, David thanked Trustees for his nomination adding that: “It is a huge honour and privilege, and I look forward to serving alongside the Mayor as ambassadors for our town”. The Mayor proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Shaw, who spoke of the time she had spent working with so many organisations in the town. It was Councillor Shaw that also presented the 2023 Trustees Award to Rick Brand, from Retford Business Forum, in recognition of all the work he has done over many years for the people of Retford, and especially in the last twelve months ensuring appropriate commemorations of the late Queen’s Jubilee and Funeral, as well as the Coronation Celebrations.

Two Special Commendations were presented: to Eddie Matthews, who has, over many years, ensured that the Town Hall is ready for official use and special visits which have been a focus of the last year; and to Estelle Spiers for all that she has done in campaigning for the installation of defibrillators around the town.

Mayor Councillor Dan Henderson then invited guests to join him for a buffet lunch in The Committee Room. The Royal British Legion, banner raised, accompanied the Mayoral processions, which were led by Mayor’s Attendant, Angela Walton carrying The Great Mace.

More information about the work of the Mayor and Retford Charter Trustees can be found on their website