Cath Ray Gallery and Studios presents Northbound

by | 4 May 2023 | Art, Retford

Northbound is a new exhibition of work by Retford artist Jane Aukland which explores landscape and the human interventions upon its fabric, the essence of its forms and features, and the light and reflections upon its surface. After a childhood rooted in the Nottinghamshire countryside, Jane has travelled extensively in search of inspiration for her textural drawings, paintings, jewellery and sculptural artworks.

“I was brought up on a farm,” Jane recalls, “and as far back as I can remember I have been poking about in hedgerows, woodlands, in fields and on seashores, gleaning all manner of ‘stuff’ with which to be creative. Drawing with twigs in the glossy chocolate-textured beds of dried-up puddles, digging in the fields for red clay, and spending hours and days roaming free in the landscape, with only my imagination for company are some of my most enduring memories of childhood.”

Her work, sometimes literal, sometimes abstracted, portrays the majestic beauty of our Northern wild spaces such as Iceland and the Scottish Isles. Northbound is an exhibition that features work all influenced by her time spent in Scotland, which over the years has included teaching residencies in Shetland, Taigh Chearsabhagh Arts Centre in North Uist (University of the Highlands and Islands), and extended periods of time in Orkney and Caithness.

Jane has lectured in art for many years, including at Leeds College of Art and Design and in the prison service. For her the root of all creativity comes from drawing and close observation of what is around us.
“All my work is underpinned by drawing, done on location. Absorbing the immediacy and power of a place in this way is essential to really seeing it, and making connections on many levels.”

Jane will be available to talk about her work as part of the Open Studios Notts events this year and will be at the Cath Ray Gallery (58b Bridgegate, Retford, CN22 7UZ) on Saturday 13th May and Sunday 28th May to show visitors around her exhibition and to talk about her career and inspiration. A ‘Drawing and Painting the Landscape’ course will run throughout the exhibition, taught by resident artist, Cath Ray.

Please contact Cath at or 07803 204424 for more information.