Cantate Choir

by | 10 January 2019 | Community Event, Retford

Christmas is not over yet! There are twelve days in the Christmas period which lasts until 5th January, the next day being the Feast of Epiphany, 6th January, which marks the day the Wise Men (or the Magi) found Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem. This is the reason that Cantate likes to celebrate Christmas on Twelfth Night, when all the other carol services and concerts have been forgotten.

Celebrate with them at Clarborough Church on Friday 4th January at 7.30pm. They couldn’t manage the 5th this year, so it will be an Eleventh Night concert, but no less joyful, with traditional carols in the first half, followed by a session of lively West Gallery carols to finish the concert. This was the tradition in churches and pubs around Sheffield, which started in the 18th century and is still going strong. The evening will finish with refreshments solid and liquid. Do join them!