The summer holidays are often a stretching time for parents, as many readers may know. But for those already experiencing food insecurity it can push families into financial difficulty. Because of this, Bassetlaw Food Bank see a spike in requests for emergency food parcels, which unfortunately coincides with a time of year when donations coming in are at their lowest.
That means they are asking the Bassetlaw community to step up once again and provide support for those families that find this a particularly challenging time. You can find Bassetlaw Food Bank donation points in all major supermarkets and many local food stores, as well as donating directly to them at the CSL Centre off Shrewsbury Road in Manton.
If you are in a position to donate, each week they post an updated shortages list on their social media and on their webpage. If you want to follow them you can find them at the following:

Facebook: Bassetlaw FoodBank
Twitter: @BassetlawB
Instagram: bassetlaw_food_bank

Thank you for your support in helping them make sure everyone in Bassetlaw has access to food.