Bassetlaw Cardiac Support Group

by | 5 February 2020 | Retford, Support Group

At the Bassetlaw Cardiac Support Group meeting held at The Crossing on Friday 7th April, a new member was welcomed and David Ward was the speaker, who will not be a stranger to many of you. David spoke of his early days when he became a Christian, his business years as an estate agent, and of his own pride and joy in his family. This was a ‘feel good’ afternoon, of singing, laughter, interesting experiences and anecdotes. David has an excellent voice and members raised their voices with him in some of their favourite hymns. It was a lively and thought provoking afternoon.

The group’s next meeting, at Retford Hospital, is on Friday 5th May at 2.00pm, when the speaker, Joanne Pritchard, will talk to members about looking after our bones. The group is a social one and you are welcome to join them. For more information call Pat Broskom on 01909 562361.