Aurora Wellbeing Centre, Worksop: a new chapter

by | 6 October 2020 | Health, Heritage, Local Charity, Retford, Worksop

Aurora Wellbeing promotes healthy wellbeing for people affected by cancer and long-term health conditions in Bassetlaw and they encourage people to be active participants in their wellbeing through a range of activities and support. Their Heritage and Health project introduces heritage engagement to their menu of activities. Their project vision is significant for them and for Worksop, with plans to broaden access to heritage for wider audiences and explore heritage as a route to improved wellbeing.

Capital works – and so it begins
During lockdown, Aurora have taken a step closer to their goal of restoring the Old Library and Museum building in Worksop to its former glory. Over the coming weeks, you may notice changes happening to the building as they move out, their contractors move in and the building work begins. It is such an exciting time for the charity. They look forward to seeing the Grade II listed gem get the attention it deserves, but above all they look forward to seeing the community and visitors use and enjoy it.
It has been a challenge, and for those of you who know the building well and have seen the crumbling walls and leaking ceiling, you will understand that this building work has felt like a long time coming. They have worked tirelessly to keep the project moving and they will continue to raise funds for the building work. You can now easily donate to show your support for the project too (details below). Aurora would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support, patience and encouragement for the project.

Memories and photos – looking back as we move forward
Do you have any stories and / or photographs of the old library and museum building that you would like to share with Aurora? As they begin to move forward and witness changes to the building, they would like to document local memories and stories and collect photographs. They would love to hear from you. When the Centre re-opens they will dedicate a space to share them all.

The Arundel Marble – the story so far
The Arundel Marble is more than 2,000 years old and depicts the muscular torso of a God kneeling with his back to the viewer. It has had quite a journey from Pergamon, an ancient Greek city in what is now Turkey, to reach Worksop. Its journey has not finished yet. Thanks to National Lottery players, and in partnership with Bassetlaw Museum and Imagemakers, the torso will be back on display once again in the newly created Heritage Hub and its story retold for future generations – the story so far anyway!

The journey continues…
Aurora hope you continue on this journey with them as they look forward to a bright future for the building and charity. During the construction work they will be relocating. Look out for more information shortly. They have made it easier for you to keep up to date and get involved

Find out more and get involved
Check out where you can:

  • Explore: Heritage and Health pages. They document all project news, activities, events and more.
    Volunteer: with them. They have a range of new volunteer roles to support the project and the charity.
  • Donate: and support the project. Every donation made to the Heritage and Health project during the capital works period will go directly to fund the cost of restoring the building.
  • Get in touch with us: You can email Ruthie Boys, Heritage Engagement Officer, to talk about and share all things project related,

Twitter: @HeritageAurora
Instagram: @heritageataurora
Facebook: @AuroraWellbeingCentreBassetlaw

Image: The old Library & Museum Building 1937 © Bassetlaw Museum