Annie Turner exhibition at The Hub

by | 1 September 2019 | Art, Community facility, Retford

The current artist exhibiting at The Hub is Annie Turner, up to Saturday 14th September. She writes:
“As an artist living in Scotland, my work has focused on the natural world while my time as an art teacher pushed me to explore many more rendering techniques and media to support my ideas. I have evolved from close analytical style to looser, more expressive work.

I chose to work large and loose but with sensitivity to express the nobility and emotions of the Bornean animal subjects. Having experienced the Bornean Jungle first-hand and seen many of the animals in their natural environment, it allowed me a certain intuition. But nothing could have prepared me for the devastation of their habitat to feed the world’s demand for palm oil. This is what has become my main motivator for this body of work. I was inspired from meeting and witnessing the incredible work of eco-tourism photographers and activists in Sabah, Borneo. They reveal intimate long (telescopic) night and day shots of animals, never before seen in such close proximity, due to the advancement of camera technology. I could have shown their photographic work, but I wanted to create an even more emotionally charged image through a respect and love of my subject matter.

Through this exhibition I aim to create an awareness of an amazing ecosystem on the precipice of extinction whilst also creating a positive opportunity for the public and myself to make a difference and support the people on the ground, making real, lasting change.”

Open Monday to Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm
11 Churchgate, Retford
01777 860414