Alan’s walk for cancer

by | 7 September 2022 | Notice, Retford

My name is Alan Petrie. I am 71 years old and live in a village near Retford. I am hoping to walk 50 miles of the Macmillan Way West across North Somerset in five days in early September. I intend to raise money to donate to Cancer Research UK.
I have had more than my fair share of involvement with cancer over my lifetime. My grandfather, father, and aunt all died relatively young from lung cancer, although they were smokers, and an uncle died of bowel cancer. I have had two serious cancers as well as a benign skin cancer.

10 years ago I had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma but luckily it was found early and proved to be curable. Last year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer which was on the point of breaking out and spreading. Radical radiotherapy has meant that I am now in remission with an expectation that it will be cured.

Recently my daughter, who has three children, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.
For all these reasons I have been trying to get fit again after my treatment. This included hormone therapy to reduce the prostate but has some difficult side effects, not least the reduction in energy and muscle strength. I also managed to fracture two ribs some weeks ago which has stopped me from doing any serious exercise for the last two months. Not ideal preparation but I am determined to make the walk.

If, like me, you have been affected by cancer directly, or indirectly through family or friends, please consider donating to my ‘Just Giving’ page – Alan’s Walk for Cancer – on Facebook. All the money I raise will go to the charity to try to find cures for the one in two of us who will get cancer in some form or other in our lives.

Thank you.