AEM project receives funding from Wolfson Foundation

by | 13 September 2023 | Local Charity, Retford

A grant of £30,700 has been awarded to Worksop-based Autism East Midlands (AEM) to support the creation of a new training facility in Nottinghamshire.

The funding from the Wolfson Foundation will support AEM’s plan to develop the new centre in Beeston, near Nottingham. The skill-share house and training facility will help autistic individuals become more independent and confident in their daily lives. There will be the opportunity to learn household skills such as cooking meals, making beds and gardening – as well as having fun watching TV or playing board games.

Jane Howson, AEM’s CEO, said: “The centre will provide vital support, empowering autistic people and giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and gain more independence. This huge donation will make such a difference and we’re grateful to the Wolfson Foundation for their support.”

The Wolfson Foundation is an independent grant-making charity, with a focus on research and education. It invests in projects in science, health and education, largely through grants for capital projects such as new buildings and refurbishment.

Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive of the Wolfson Foundation said: “The Wolfson Foundation is committed to funding transformative capital projects that enhance research and education, encompassing a diverse range of fields including science, health and the arts.

“In this funding round, we are delighted to have awarded over £500,000 in grants to organisations throughout Nottinghamshire. These projects funded by the Foundation will promote wellbeing, support learning and inspire creativity.”