The Dukeries Singers

by | 3 September 2020 | Hobbies, Music

Sitting indoors whilst the garden wilts into dust, I am reminded of the quote “Horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies glow”. Well, I am glowing all over my laptop at the moment on one of the hottest days of the year.
Although I am writing for the Dukeries Singers, we are not actually singing in concert at the minute. I cannot vouch for all the choir, of course, but lots of them will be singing everywhere and charming / annoying friends, families and neighbours as they warble in the garden.
When the choir is back into rehearsal mode, I sing alto and my close neighbour sings bass, so folk around here are entranced with a duet – but not necessarily with much of a tune, the sopranos tend to have that. Perhaps we could have a ‘Name That Song!’ competition based on the two parts!
What a joy it will be when we can sing together in four part harmony. When normality returns, be assured that I shall let you know in CAPITAL LETTERS. Meanwhile, our contact details are; website, email, Facebook and YouTube, and our Concert Secretary, Margaret, is to be found on 01623 642464 or 07896 491314.
Enjoy the summer, keep well, keep safe