Retford Lions Club

by | 1 November 2020 | Lions

Retford Lions want to carry on their usual autumn schedule, Covid regulations permitting!

The club aim to plant another batch of daffodil bulbs in strategic spots around Retford to bring colour next spring. They were magnificent this year.

Retford Lions joined Lions from Southwell for a gleaning exercise, picking apples and pears from a local Southwell orchard. Lions donated the fruit to the Fairshare charity for distribution within Midlands area. Over five tons of fruit was picked, which would have been left to rot as the farmer didn’t have means to pick fruit this year. The club also continue regular donations to Bassetlaw Food Bank.

Santa is coming
Currently Retford Lions are preparing for the Christmas period. Covid means arrangements must be different this year. But, rest assured, Santa will see as many children as possible, and fingers crossed plans don’t have to change. They owe many thanks to Rossington Business Park, who have once again provided free parking for Santa’s sleigh.
Lions have been taking Santa in his sleigh around Retford area streets for over 40 years. It is very much a local tradition. Many parents bringing their children to meet him remember being brought out themselves by their parents when they were young. Santa will still visit but his helpers won’t call at individual houses. His sleigh will stop at selected places and parents may bring their children to him there. Santa will be behind a perspex screen with a speaker system, minimising risk of infection, and children can chat to him in safety. Lions make no charge for this, but donations will be welcome and this year these can be made by card contactlessly. The schedule, which may have to change due to new guidance, is currently:

  • Saturday 5th December: Rampton playing field (5.45pm to 6.15pm), East Markham village hall (6.30pm to 7.15pm)
  • Sunday 6th December: Thrumpton Lane / Enterprise Way (5.10 to 5.40pm), Whinney Moor Close (5.45pm to 6.30pm), Bacopa Drive (6.35pm to 7.10pm), Blossom Grove (7.15pm to 7.45pm)
  • Thursday 10th December: Clarborough: Smeath Lane / Broad Gores (6.15pm to 6.45pm), St John’s Drive / South View Drive (6.50pm to 7.30pm)
  • Friday 11th December: Northfield Way / West Furlong (6.15pm to 7.00pm), Sandringham Road (7.05pm to 7.50pm)
  • Saturday 12th December: Tuxford: Burleigh Court (5.15pm to 5.45pm), Gilbert Avenue (5.50pm to 6.20pm), Mellors garage (6.25pm to 6.55pm)
  • Sunday 13th December: Lidgett Lane / Hirst Road (5.15pm to 6.00pm), Wellington Street (6.05pm to 6.50pm), Claters Close (7.00pm to 7.30pm)
  • Tuesday 15th December: Clumber Inn (6.10pm to 6.40pm), Elkesley – Lawnwood Avenue / Lane (7.00pm to 7.45pm)
  • Wednesday 16th December: White Park Place / Newlands (6.10pm to 6.55pm), Blue Albion Street / Black Hereford Way (7.00pm to 7.45pm)
  • Friday 18th December: Old Hall Drive (6.10pm to 6.40pm), Grace Road (6.45pm to 7.30pm)
    Saturday 19th December: Carolgate (8.30am to 3.30pm)

Bassetlaw Hospice
The club continue to collaborate with Ian Hall of Bassetlaw Hospice to furnish the new Quiet Room and Overnight Room in the new wing. Retford Lions will provide all the furniture, etc, to make them as comfortable and welcoming as possible for visitors.

Duck race
Sadly, the club had to cancel much of this year’s fundraising, including their annual Cycle Race, Golf Day, Yellow Duck Race as well as the events which provide help and happiness such as the Disabled Sports Day in August. Thanks to superb support from local businesses, they did manage a different kind of Red Duck Race and the winner of the race, Mr Sooria from Branthwaite Care Home, kindly donated the £1,000 prize money to Retford Lions. If you are aware of a situation where the Lions’ help may make a difference, please get in contact with the club’s president at with an explanation for submission to members at their next meeting.

It is with regret the club must say goodbye to their welfare chair Yvonne Harrison, as she is moving. They thank her for her great efforts contributing to Lions and the community. She will be missed by all.

Lions were contacted recently by a local lady who has already made a £1,000 donation to charity, having made and sold face masks. She has generously promised all future proceeds to Retford Lions. To buy one, made to NHS pattern and costing £2.50 each, contact Shirley Pickersgill on 01777 703022 or

All donations are most gratefully received. You can arrange them by contacting Treasurer Bruce Barnett at Another way you can help Lions is by nominating them on as your chosen charity. Then if you buy anything through Amazon’s Smile portal they will donate 0.5% of the purchase price.
It is only with ongoing support from local people and business community friends that Retford Lions can continue responding to people in need throughout the Retford area. They can’t publicise all they do, or many acts of kindness they witness, but they have the privilege of knowing that we live amongst a very generous community which genuinely cares for others. All the club’s expenses are paid through members subscriptions, with Retford Cricket Club providing their club house free of charge for meetings. Retford Lions meet on the first and second Monday in every month. They welcome new members, if you are interested please contact Membership Officer Margaret Campbell at