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by | 4 August 2020 | Lions

It is great to see more defibrillators appearing all over the place. These easy to use devices save lives. Many have been provided by local communities who have worked hard to raise funds. However, having successfully got a defibrillator installed, experience shows that in many cases people do not always ensure the equipment remains effective.
Every community needs to be aware of the following points.

The equipment must be checked regularly in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions to ensure it is in working order. A pack containing scissors, razor and other essential equipment is supplied with each defibrillator and must be kept in the unit’s case.
Replacement batteries and pads must be sourced so they are available when necessary. These have a limited life and need replacing at expiry date even when not been used. Money must be available for replacement purchase.
Contact details for the defibrillator owners must be written on the unit. If it is used, it will probably be taken away in the ambulance with the patient and without these details you may never get it back.
As many people as possible should know how to use the equipment and how to do CPR, which is also needed if someone has collapsed. Training must be arranged, and periodically refreshed. This spreads the knowledge and refreshes people’s memories.
Care and supervision of the defibrillator must be shared by several people so that there is continuity if people move away, go on holiday or just lose interest.

For several years, Retford Lions Club has provided free training for community groups in the Retford area on defibrillator use and CPR. Training is led by a nurse and uses equipment provided by the British Heart Foundation. To arrange training sessions, please call 01777 704154.

Retford Lions recently welcomed Jessica Newton who came to their meeting with her interesting report on a once in a lifetime trip to Arizona with Lions International. Jessica, member of the Lion-sponsored life saving team that won a fistful of medals in Australia a couple of years ago, and formerly a young ambassador competitor entered by Retford Lions, gave an enthusiastic and glowing account of her visit to Arizona. She described the wonderful hospitality she had received at the homes of local Arizona Lions when she attended the annual event run by ‘Lions International’, which is designed to provide young persons with a stimulating trip and a broader view of various locations world-wide. Lions provide a choice of various worldwide destinations as the prize for the winner of the local Young Ambassador event which is designed to help young persons to develop life skills as well as helping to provide a sponsored vacation to interesting places. Jessica explained she had visited several National Parks, and The Grand Canyon, which was one of the most memorable locations she visited.
In thanking Retford Lions for her sponsorship Jessica said she thoroughly enjoyed her visits and recommended both the Young Ambassador scheme and the sponsored visits to her host families in the United States.

Lions who helped at a fundraising Swimathon event attended the presentation of Oxycycles for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers on Friday 30th August. The Swimathon had been part of a Triathlon with three fundraising sports events and was very successful in funding two Oxycycles; specialist exercisers which can be used for arms, legs or a combination.

The 2020 Lions Cycling Sportive is now definitely going to be on Sunday 19th April.