Dukeries Woodturning Society

by | 15 October 2019 | Hobbies

The demonstrator at the Dukeries Woodturning Society’s meeting in August was Emma, the Tiny Turner. 38 members and visitors attended, including some fellow turners from Lincolnshire Wolds. Everyone who attended said it was a good night, as members had Pat there with his wood working supplies and Steve Wright with a wide selection of wood for carving.

Emma began making a triangular box with a twist starting with a rectangular chunk of lime wood which she first turned roughly into a cylinder. She marked it up, explaining how to create the twist. Using the marks she had drawn, she reset the block into the lathe chuck off centre.

This is quite advanced work and causes the piece to wobble a lot when the lathe spins. Emma explained how to shape each side of the piece to create the outside of the box. She then carved the surface to give it texture similar to that created with an adze. She explained that she does that before parting the top and bottom of the box so that it will match up afterwards.

Having hollowed out the centre, Emma coloured the outside black and, while it dried, showed some samples of gilding and spoke about the techniques you can use. She finally applied gilding to the inside of the box and a different type of gilding product to each of the faces of the box to demonstrate how they differ. It was an excellent and informative evening.

On Wednesday 23rd October the group will welcome Dennis Wake to the Jubilee Hall in Ollerton, at 7.30pm to demonstrate. The tickets are now available for the Christmas Social on Saturday 14th December. These are available from Gordon Fisher.

For more information please visit www.dukerieswoodturning.org.uk or call Gordon Fisher on 01623 464986 or Michael Manning on 01777 870844.