Dukeries Woodturning Society

by | 18 February 2020 | Hobbies

The Dukeries Woodturning Society are delighted to report that they have spent a good sum from the £1,300 Special Project Grant awarded by Newark and Sherwood District Council, on a new lathe for the Society. This has replaced one which is well over 15 years old. The old one was auctioned among members and the money received has gone into the group’s funds. It is great to have this wonderful new piece of essential equipment when the club is experiencing a rise in popularity and numbers. Their new venue certainly has been a boon to the club in many ways. They thank the Jubilee Hall for welcoming the society and providing such ideal facilities.

They were delighted that several new members joined on such a good night. They always welcome guests and new members with a free first visit, meaning you don’t need to commit to the annual membership until you have given them a try. The annual fee of £15.00 reduces monthly during the year to reflect the months you have missed, so it is no problem joining for a part year. The nightly fee is £5.00 when you come. They include all ages and levels of experience.
They meet at the Jubilee Hall, Ollerton, on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm. On 26th June they will welcome Tom Kitchen to demonstrate and there will be a hands-on evening on 19th June.

For more information please visit www.dukerieswoodturning.org.uk or call Gordon Fisher on 01623 464986 or Michael Manning on 01777 870844.