Wheatley Family and Local History Society

by | 4 November 2020 | Heritage, Hobbies

On 21st September, the North and South Wheatley Family and Local History Society held their first full meeting since ‘lockdown’. It was a bit surreal to meet in the village hall, all masked up, Covid-protected, and socially distanced but it was good to once again enjoy a guest speaker.
Ian Morgan gave an enlightening talk about ‘Pestilence, Intrigue and Murder’, a real mixture of facts and information which gave much food for thought. Members left the meeting realising how lucky we are to have been hit by coronavirus when we have modern medicine and the NHS to help us through the current difficulties. Had we lived through the plaque in the 1660s, then every third house in our town or village would be empty as over 30% of the population in some areas died.
Their family research group has also met again and in both cases numbers attending are still below pre-lockdown levels.

Their planned meetings for November have been cancelled.