Wheatley Family and Local History Society

by | 4 November 2020 | Heritage

On Monday 15th July a sizeable audience were educated and entertained by Jane Price at the meeting of Wheatley Family and Local History Society. Jane is the wife of Wadworth’s Clergyman and as such is involved in a variety of roles assisting her husband. Her talk entitled ‘A funny thing happened on the way to the crematorium’, was both informative and humorous. She started by telling the tale of the family who chose a certain hymn only to leave Jane herself as the only person singing it when the day came! She had views on the ‘national’ versus ‘local Independent’ undertakers and explained the pros and cons with each choice. Her description of one crematorium with its different shades of pink — she thought looked more like a Dulux colour chart than place for the last journey! Another mourner had taken the flowers home to decorate the house rather than the crematorium having paid out £83.00 for them. Jane explained her views on religious and non-religious along with some of her experiences of different types of coffin — including ‘knitted’ ones.

Involving children in the ceremonies and the intake of breath as two young children sat on the side of the grave cut dangling their feet over the coffin below as if they were on the side of a swimming pool! Some of the group were surprised to see the pictures Jane brought along of the different types of hearses — she had not only a traditional black limo, and horse drawn carriages but also VW camper van, Morris Traveller, Range Rover motorbike with sidecar ‘platform’, and even an extended three wheel motorbike. There was the tale of the person who said the burial taking place was in the wrong grave (should have been with his mother), only to find that he had been placing flowers on someone elses grave for years. Jane had so many different tales that we were nearly into ‘overtime’ before the morning ended!

The group’s next talk is on Monday 16th September at 10.00am in the village hall, South Wheatley, when Mick Rawle will be welcomed back with his talk ‘Suffragettes and Granny Rawle’. For more details of any of the meetings contact Dave on 01427 880934 or Alan on 01427 884147.