North Notts Association of National Trust Members

by | 8 January 2020 | Heritage, Social Group

The latest lecture for the North Notts Association of National Trust Members took place at The Crossing on 20th November and they welcomed Mr Malcolm Dolby, who shared the wonderful history of our county which is hidden below ground until aerial observations bring it to light. He had a wonderful and fascinating array of photographs taken from the air, showing crop marks which can show the sites of ditches, moats and castles, many from Roman times, by the way they present in terms of shapes and shades. Members were all amazed by the number of such sites just in North Nottinghamshire. Also of particular interest following our recent floods, members could see the way that rivers over many years can completely change course, sometimes caused by either drying out or floods, one of particular note being at Littleborough. All this can be seen by the varying colours of the marks, ditches being shown up as darker areas than remains of walls and buildings which are lighter.

After the talk in December by Laura Binns, the next talk will be on Wednesday 15th January 2020. President David Bostwick will be talking on the subject of ‘The English Kitchen and Kitchen Garden’. The meeting will take place at The Crossing in Worksop, starting at 7.00pm for coffee and the talk at 7.30pm. Visitors are welcome, as well as new members, and the only criteria is that you are a member of the National Trust. Each meeting will cost £4.00 for visitors and £3.00 for members; to become a member will cost £4.50 single and £6.00 for a joint membership.

The February talk will be by Adrian Overton on the subject of the History of Bracket Clocks. Future events can be seen on You can also email or follow them on Twitter, @NthNottsNTAssoc.