Your Health Your Way

by | 10 January 2021 | Health

Nottinghamshire’s new Integrated Wellbeing Service funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and delivered by Your Health Your Way.
They are here to help all residents of Nottinghamshire (excluding Nottingham city) get more active, eat healthier and manage their weight. They are a free service offering 1:1 and group support enabling you to make life long healthy behaviour changes. The friendly and positive advisors will offer advice, encouragement and support to help you achieve your health goals!

Are you concerned about your weight? Does your family need healthy eating support?
They offer support specific for adults, families, young people and pregnant women, all tailored to your individual needs. Losing weight and keeping it off can be hard and knowing what is a healthy choice and what isn’t can be a minefield at times. Advisors can help you to make healthy informed choices and manage your weight for the long term. They offer practical advice on a variety of topics including portion sizes, food labelling, regular balanced eating, stress management, physical activity and much more. With a focus on consistently making small realistic changes to your lifestyle, they can help you to make a sustainable difference whilst continuing to enjoy your food. For more information or to check eligibility visit their website or give them a call (details below).

Move More
Doing more activity is important for everyone, no matter what your age or ability. If you think you currently do less than an hour a week advisors can support you to increase this safely. Their Falls Prevention service also supports anyone over the age of 55 who has mobility or stability issues, through group based strength and balance exercises.

Stop Smoking
They offer a free 12 week stop smoking programme with help and support from specialist stop smoking advisors. Alongside weekly support, a full range of free nicotine replacement therapy is provided. They will support you to understand why you smoke, manage your cravings and deal with relapses. Remember, you are four times more likely to quit if you sign up with Your Health Your Way today!

Alcohol Support
Are you current drinking habits starting to impact your physical or mental health? They can support you to reduce your intake and provide guidance on safer drinking levels.

To refer complete the online form on the website or call 0115 772 2515. Online and telephone sessions are available.