Clays Gardening Club

by | 9 April 2024 | Gardening Club, Hobbies, Retford

The Clays Gardening Club Committee often asks members if they have a topic they would like to see covered by an expert in their forthcoming programme. One such was one of great interest to many: pruning and training fruit trees.

Martin Fish, the group’s February speaker, covered this subject wisely and well!

Martin developed his love of gardening as a child while helping in his Grandmother’s old-fashioned cottage garden.

His gardening career started as an apprentice gardener on the Newark Parks Department, and he studied horticulture at Brackenhurst College, Southwell and Merrist Wood College in Surrey. At 21 Martin went on to become Head Gardener at Rufford Abbey, at the time the youngest head gardener in the country.

Fulfilling his ambition to work for himself, Martin bought six acres of land in Nottinghamshire and started his own landscape, garden maintenance and nursery business. In the early 1990s Martin began writing for Garden News. He quickly became a regular columnist and created a series of demonstration gardens on the nursery site, which were featured in the magazine and other publications.

Always one for a new challenge, in 2009 Martin and his wife Jill moved to North Yorkshire where for five years he ran the award-winning Harrogate Flower Shows.

Now residing locally, he has developed another garden and is available as an RHS judge and speaker. His wife collaborates with him, producing recipes for the products of Martin’s garden.

Martin gave some very useful information on pruning and kept the audience enthralled, giving them encouragement to attempt their own pruning. He covered not just trees but also shrubs, fruit bushes and canes. An excellent speaker all round and one the group intends to invite again!

The Club’s exciting programme, now fully planned, promises wonderful, diverse and fascinating events throughout 2024. Why not join them on the third Monday of the month, 7.30pm at Wheatley Village Hall?

Ring Christine Crowther on 01427 884882 for any further details.