Retford U3A

by | 4 September 2019 | Education and Learning, U3A

The Retford branch of the U3A has a membership of over 600 people. The U3A is at heart, an organisation where everyone gains new skills, by shared experience. The ethos is to learn from each other in an informal co-operative manner, which embraces everyone. It maybe you already have friends who attend an interest group, and you would always be made welcome.

September, for a lot of U3A members, is a time to relax. The grandchildren have gone back to school and they can start looking forward to their late holiday or start again attending the regular meetings. Retford U3A have an excellent website and recommend that you have a look at the different interest groups available for members to join.
If you have a friend who is thinking of joining Retford U3A or you might be looking for something new to do, maybe they are the organisation for you to join. A full general U3A meeting is held once a month, at the Well Baptist Church, Retford, on the fourth Thursday, starting around 1.15pm, except in August.

Two of the staunch members warrant a mention. Tom (sometimes known as ‘Ding Dong’) Bell has been running the walking groups for a number of years. Always cheerful and willing to chat, Tom is the ideal example of a group leader. The monthly U3A Group Meetings at the Well, with the exception of Christmas and August, always have a speaker to give a presentation. Dave Lee has been the speaker finder for the last three years and is now ready to pass the baton onto someone new. Dave has provided an ecliptic series of speakers who have all provided a range of presentations covering many subjects, and like Tom, has been the ideal person in that post.

The ethos of the U3A, which stands for The University of the Third Age, is very simple. They try to keep themselves active in body and mind, learning from each other, with shared knowledge and experiences. If you want to know more about the Retford U3A, have a look at the comprehensive website, or contact the membership secretary, Paul Bacon at or 01427 880502 for more details.