Retford U3A

by | 10 January 2020 | Education and Learning, U3A

Now in its ninth year, the Retford branch of the U3A has a membership of nearly 600 people. There are around 45 interest groups and new members often join the U3A specifically to join just one group, this is really encouraged, so if you have a friend who is thinking of joining or looking for something to do, maybe they are the organisation to join. There is a full general U3A meeting, held once a month, at the Well Baptist Church, Retford, on the fourth Thursday of the month.

We are now well into the New Year, with the U3A’s Annual General Meeting only a few weeks away. Because of rotation some of the committee are ineligible to stand next year, so volunteers are always welcome (but as rare as hen’s teeth).
February is ‘History’ Month. Joan Winder and Rosa Wright took over the running of the Local History Group in January, and had Sue Floyd give an interesting talk on the well known underwear producer, Marks and Spencer (how many hours has your blogger waited while his wife and daughters shopped there?). This month an old friend of the Local History Group, Harry Foxley, is talking about ‘Bravery in the Field’. This talk sounds as if it could also be given to the Military History Group. Their talk last month was given by their friends from Dukeries U3A, who fascinated them all with a talk about Hitler’s V-1. They posed the question, ‘what would have happened if the Nazis had a small atomic devise attached to one or more flying bombs — would the outcome of the war been different?’ This month on the 74th anniversary of the raid, Roy Evans is talking about the raid on Dresden and the political fallout. He shows how Gobbles added a zero to all casualty figures, a myth that lasted 44 years, until the true figures became available, after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Roy and Kate are beginning to arrange the re-start of the Family History Group, and will start taking names of those who are interested at the next general meeting.

There are many other interest groups within Retford U3A. If you have a computer, Google ‘Retford U3A’, and have a look at the ‘Interest Group’ page. Don’t forget if you are not a member at the moment, contact the Membership Secretary, whose phone number and email address are mentioned at the end of this piece.

The ethos of the U3A, which stands for The University of the Third Age, is that we keep ourselves active in body and mind, learning from each other, with shared knowledge and experiences. If you want to know more about the Retford U3A, have a look at their comprehensive website, or contact the Membership Secretary, Paul Bacon at or by calling 01427 880502 for more details.