Retford Charter Day

by | 5 January 2020 | Community Event

Retford Charter Day planning is well under way and this year the organisers are bringing the focus back to the people of Retford and the local talent that we have in our town. Charter Day is going to be held on the 25th May 2020. This date is slightly later in the month to allow for the VE day commemorations. As the two occasions have a different focus, it was felt that it was best to keep them separate.

Organisers would like to hear from you if you are a performer/artist/dance troupe/musician/band and would like to showcase your talents on the day.

New ideas and plans for the day are always welcome, have you attended in the past and thought about how things could be done differently? If so, please get in contact with the organisers! This is an event celebrating your town, so let them know what you want to see!

Charter Day receives no funding and relies on donations and income generated by stalls, and exhibitors.
Would you like to have a stall at next year’s event? Part of the event is being able to showcase as many great local businesses, with their services and products, demonstrating the extent of enterprise in the town.

Charter Day is not run by a big organisation, it is run by a small handful of volunteers and they are in need of people that would be able to help out, either on the day or in the planning stages. If you feel you could help in anyway, please get in touch. Please look out for the Facebook page Retford Charter Day or email