We are so pleased that the ‘Annual Pet’s Service’ at St Peter’s Church, Hayton is to be allowed this year. It has been so missed for the last couple of years. However, on Sunday 19th September at 4.00pm, St Peter’s will welcome a variety of animals once again.
This service is a short but very lively one led by Reverend Mark Cantrill. Usually, there are prayers and a short talk, and the children really enjoy learning a couple of songs about animals often accompanied by the odd woof or miaow which adds to the fun. Although it is called a ‘Pet’s Service’, they thank God for all animals – wild, farmed and household pets. They particularly pray for animals held in cruel and abusive conditions, those struggling in the wild and abandoned animals awaiting a home. They are thankful for their own pets. Reverend Mark will bless all the animals separately sitting in the pews with their owners. Over the years they have welcomed many animals, mostly dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters or gerbils. Sometimes a chicken, once a horse and another a whole hive containing 3,000 bees.
In the Churchyard from 3.15pm there will be tables manned by volunteers of the various animal charities who will happily tell you about their work and cheerfully sell you an item to help their funds. After the service there will be a cuppa and cake for humans and biscuits and a bowl of water for the animals.
This is one of their favourite services during the year. Please go along (with or without a pet) and enjoy this very different service. If you are connected with an animal charity and would like to have a table, please let them know. There is no charge for a table so anything you make is for your funds. Any questions, call 01777 706623.