Arts Society Dukeries

by | 6 March 2018 | Art

‘Cezanne — The Greatest of Them All’ will be the subject of the lecture to be given by Michael Howard at the meeting of The Arts Society Dukeries on Wednesday 7th March at 1.50pm in St Anne’s Church Hall, Worksop S80 1NJ.

A deliberately provocative title — Paul Cezanne struggled all his life to achieve art of absolute beauty that would act as a revelation, helping himself and those who stand before his paintings to savour the full richness of experience that we can so easily lose sight of in our daily lives. He sought to make all things new, to rediscover the familiar and the original freshness of vision that Adam or Eve might have felt on looking at paradise for the first time. We might glimpse such moments in our own lives now and then; Cezanne, like Bach in music, makes it solid and durable — a joy for ever.

Visitors are very welcome to come to the society’s meetings at a cost of £6.00 per lecture. There is a free car park at the hall and coffee and tea are available after the lecture. For further details of the full lecture programme and about the society, please speak to Anthony on 01909 731415 or Gill on 01909 540506 or see