North and South Wheatley WI

by | 6 December 2019 | Social Group, WI

The speaker at North and South Wheatley Women’s Institute’s April meeting was Anne Hickman who has been a volunteer for The Royal British Legion, Retford and District branch, for 14 years. She talked about the history of The Legion which was formed in 1921 and how in its first year it sold nine million poppies on 11th November, raising over £106,000 — a considerable amount of money at the time. This was used to help WWI veterans with employment and housing.

She also described how the money raised every year (£47 million in 2017) is used to support service men and women, veterans and their families as well as campaigning to improve their lives, organising the Poppy Appeal and remembering the fallen. With personal anecdotes from her time as a volunteer, the group was enthralled by Anne’s talk and it made members realise what a wide ranging and amazing service The Royal British Legion and its volunteers provide as well as the sacrifices that those on active service have made over the years. Members will all wear their poppy with even more pride from now on knowing that it is greatly appreciated by those that it helps!

This month there will be afternoon tea and entertainment for the senior citizens of North and South Wheatley to enjoy as part of our involvement in the local community. On Tuesday 26th June, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, the WI will be holding a taster evening for ladies to come along and see what the WI is all about. Look out for further details coming soon!

But before then, why not come along to North and South Wheatley WI’s meeting on Monday 14th May at 7.15pm in Wheatley Village Hall, where members will learn about the Mayflower Pilgrims? Visitors are welcome at a cost of just £3.50 per session including refreshments.