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Join Gainsborough Keyboard Showtime at 7.00pm on the last Thursday of the month for an evening of music performed by the finest keyboard players in the UK!

Enjoy a great night's entertainment as you are serenaded with popular tunes that are guaranteed to get your feet tapping!

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The Lincolnshire Energy from Waste Visitor Centre has exciting new activities and a refurbishment of the existing activities.

Learn all about what happens to the paper and cardboard you recycle.

Commit to your own environmental pledges and display them on the website.

Lots more to see and do, including a tour of the facility to learn what happens to your non-recyclable waste.

Discover what it takes to be a Food Waste Champion!

Visit the website for booking details.

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Theatre for live events

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A small friendly local charity and not for profit organisation offering sport, leisure and entertainment for the benefit of our local community.