Join the Your Training Partner online community

by | 10 March 2024 | Exercise, Worksop

Whether you are hitting the gym, going for a run, cycling, swimming or walking, we all need a little motivation, right?

Worksop-based Your Training Partner is an online community helping to connect people looking to train in a supportive environment. The emphasis of the community is on shared experiences, common goals, and the fun of training together.

Your Training Partner was launched to help connect local people who were struggling to find someone to train with, whether through fears of training alone, anxieties or a lack of confidence.

Its founders believe that social connection is a motivating factor, helping their members to motivate one another and ultimately meet their goals.

Founder Adrian Hopkinson said: “Connecting people of a similar ability to each other, who share the same common goals, is key. Knowing that it’s normal to have days where you aren’t feeling 100% is part and parcel of training, so having someone to motivate you is sometimes an essential.”

As well as connecting people via Facebook and Instagram, Your Training Partner has also facilitated local group activities such as group meetings at Park Run events, dog walks and group spin classes. In January a group of 28 members trekked up one of the biggest peaks in Yorkshire.

What started off as a local initiative is already creating interest from people outside of Worksop. “We have been blown away by the positive response to our community, and not just locally! We want to help connect people nationally – it’s clear that this platform can work in different areas,” said Adrian.

“This is only the beginning; we are so excited for the future. As our community grows, so do our ambitions!”