Where to start? Around 713 BC, January and February were added to the ten-month Roman calendar as the 11th and 12th month respectively. In 450 BC they were re-assigned to the start of the year.

The last day of February signals the end of meteorological winter. Daylight extends, spring flowers appear, birds become noisily active. Change is in the air. Now is an excellent time to start something new!
But start what, where, when and how? The answers could lie in Rotherham u3a (Ru3a).

Ru3a currently offers 36 separate physical and thought-provoking activities for people no longer in full-time employment, no matter what their age. All activities take place in local venues, accessible by public transport and with either on-site or nearby parking.

Regular readers will know that following successful pilot periods, two Spanish groups were added to the growing activity list in September. The groups are held at Broom Methodist Church, Monday and Wednesday mornings. Contact Michael Garrett on 07494 806167 for more information.

They were joined in January by ‘Yarn Addicts’, a relaxed and friendly group meeting in Brinsworth Community Centre each Wednesday morning. Members focus on the gentle arts of crochet, embroidery, knitting etc; contact Angela Bintcliffe on 07711 290829 for more.

Rotherham United Community Sports Trust continues its weekly pilot sessions of Walking Football and Walking Netball every Monday at St Anne’s Leisure Centre. If successful, the teams will be ‘transferred’ to Ru3a for a September kick off. Contact Andy Glossop (RUCST) on 07508 495883; the switchboard on 01709 827767 or anglossop@rotherhamunited.net.

Ru3a welcomes new members throughout the year, February included.

For more information about all Ru3a activities contact Sue Cable on 01709 379379 or visit www.u3asites.org.uk then select Rotherham.