Although the origin of the phrase is disputed, all agree that it has a long history. A variation of the idiom occurs in Shakespeare’s 1595 production of ‘King John’. Mindful of the fact that humans have only two feet from which to choose, he wrote the grammatically correct “put the better foot before”. Several interpretations have been suggested, all concerned with trying one’s hardest to achieve the best possible outcome in particular circumstances.
The past 18 months generated an exceptional set of circumstances, resulting in a national ‘toolkit’ and ‘road map’ aimed at allowing social activities to resume as safely as possible. Putting ‘the better foot before’, Rotherham u3a (Ru3a) followed Government guidelines stringently throughout, eventually devising its own toolkit and road map towards re-opening activities.
Consequently, between April and the end of August, outdoor groups, such as Grow Your Own, Walking Cricket and Strollers were able to meet, each observing subject-relevant, COVID-safe procedures.
With further restrictions eased, September and October will see the staggered re-introduction of indoor meetings. Naturally, there are some essential changes to ensure that all venues and activities fully comply with COVID-safe procedures. Some groups are moving to larger rooms or a different venue to enable social distancing, and all activities have been revised to make them as safe as possible. Ru3a, putting “the better foot before”.
Information about all activities, when and where they take place, and who to contact, can be found at or by contacting the membership secretary at 01709 374841. Alternatively, visit Rotherham Show on Sunday 5th September and pick up a brochure from the Ru3a Walking Cricket group. See them in action near the Museum.