Beating time

by | 31 December 2022 | Education and Learning, Exercise, Hobbies, Rotherham, Social Group, U3A

As Henry Ford said, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Subject to demand, Rotherham u3a is planning to offer two new youth-preserving activities, one supporting physical fitness, the other exercising brain power.

Rock’n’roll was a mid-fifties American ‘invention’ derived from several music genres, including blues, boogie-woogie and gospel. Its compulsive beat got people of all ages on their feet, and a new kind of dance was born. Although the music has evolved over the intervening years, the beat’s still there, and so are the rock‘n’roll enthusiasts.

This group will be coached by one such dedicated rock’n’roller. In addition to basic rock‘n’roll moves, dancers will learn rock‘n’roll ‘strolls’, a form of gentle stroll dancing and great fun to do. Time will also be allocated for free style dancing.
Interested? Contact Colin Bailey on 07867 815578.

Mini bridge, on the other hand, was developed in the late 1990s in France and the Netherlands. In addition to providing an introduction to the popular game of bridge, mini bridge is itself an excellent game.

The rules are similar to bridge, but simpler to follow. It’s an absorbing and enjoyable pastime, involving two pairs of players per table.

Playing mini bridge can help improve memory and decision making. It develops thinking and number skills and certainly gives the little grey cells a thorough workout. The game will be taught and supported by an experienced player.

To find out more, contact Wendy Peters on 01142 889096 or 07414 443336, or

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