You are not alone

by | 8 November 2020 | Gainsborough, Support Group

With autumn upon us, comes a new season that brings mixed emotions. For some, the prospect of wearing cosy sweaters and boots is a good one, and some love to get the curtains drawn on a dark evening and maybe light a candle. For others though, the dark nights and short days brings about a greater sense of isolation. Covid is making this situation even worse, with many people feeling anxious about what is to come over the next few months.
At Voluntary Centre Services, they, like many people, are dealing with uncertainty on a daily basis, but what has to been so heart-warming to see is how resilient people can be, and how good they are at adapting. They continue to provide many of their services either over the phone, or using digital platforms. They hosted their first digital coffee morning recently which provided groups with a much-needed way of networking and sharing best practice – these are something they will continue to host. They have dedicated people within the Volunteer Centre who are providing very practical support to groups to help them adapt to the world we are currently living in.
It is easy to focus on all the things we are being told we can’t do, however, a number of local groups as well as national charities and organisations are again calling for volunteers. For example, the NHS Volunteer Responders scheme, which involved numerous volunteers when the pandemic first started, has been extended until at least 31st March 2021 and is once again recruiting volunteers. If you’ve never thought about volunteering before, it can be a such a positive experience. Not only are you helping other people, but it can really help you feel more connected to people and your community, and help reduce your own sense of isolation. If you are concerned about going out and being amongst people, there are many roles which can be done from home, whilst groups are taking steps to ensure volunteering can be done in a Covid-safe way.
Voluntary Centre Service’s Social Prescribing service continues to support people who may benefit from making new connections within our community. It is a free service and not only helps people connect with activities and groups that they are interested in, but can also provide practical help and advice across a whole range of issues.
So, whether you are an individual or a group, Voluntary Centre Services can help – you are not alone. At the current time all their services can be accessed in the following ways: Visit, call 01427 613470 or email